Geodiversity and Earth Heritage

Geodiversity ServicesThe term geodiversity refers to the variety of rocks, minerals, soils and landforms and the processes that have formed these features through geological time. Earth heritage or Geoconservation is concerned with recognising, protecting and managing sites and landscapes that have been identified as important for their geological and geomorphological features. This might include minerals, fossils, cave systems, rock outcrops and actively eroding rivers.

The protection of biodiversity and geodiversity is important. Some are of international and national significance and have statutory protection. Over 4000 Geological SSSI have been chosen because they represent the best examples of the UK’s geodiversity. Although not afforded statutory protection, Regionally Important Geological Sites (RIGS) are designated for their importance in protecting geodiversity and are material considerations in planning policy and planning decisions.

Geodiversity and earth heritage are important development considerations
The National Planning Policy Framework sets out planning policies on the protection of biodiversity and geological conservation through the planning system and any development proposal must assess the potential impact on both biodiversity and geodiversity and planning decisions must aim to maintain, and enhance, restore or add to biodiversity and geological conservation interests.

How PAA can help:Geoconservation

  • By providing in-house geological and earth heritage specialists;
  • Completing Environmental Impact Assessments on soil resources, geology, geomorphology and the physical environment;
  • Devising earth heritage mitigation strategies and management planning;
  • Perform site assessments;
  • Quarry restoration schemes that integrate biodiversity and geodiversity conservation;
  • Design management programmes to improve site access, interpretation and conservation;
  • Produce educational material, interpretation boards and
    create geological trails for sites of geological interest;
  • Work alongside RIGS Groups and statutory agencies on
    behalf of the developer to find the best and sustainable ways
    to conserve earth heritage features.

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